10 Nicotine Pouches By Light Nicotine Strength-2023

The strength of Nicotine Pouch is measured by its nicotine strength per mg or per pouch. It gives more accurate Nicotine delivery compared to Ciggers. The post describes nicotine strength suitable for beginners or those who need light strength.


PABLO  - Nicopods Overview(11-01-2023)

Pablo is the new creation of NGP after PABLO. It is very popular among snus user, because it uses Tobacco Flavor. It contains Nicotine At level : 30mg/g.



What Is Nicotine Pouch? Details On Its Usages

Nicotine Pouch is a small sized bags can be easily fitted behind the human lip. Nicotine pouch is used to deliver Nicotine into human body. In this article we will describe of Nicotine Pouch and its usages:

What Is Nicotine Pouch?

Nicotine Pouches are the Tobacco Free Substitution. This substitution is used as an alternative to Smoking. That Deliver refreshing flavors such as flavors of different fruits. These are usually installed on the mouth inside of the upper lips to absorb its flavor and so on.

About Nicotine:

It's an alkaloid, It is formed in the tobacco plant. An addictive substance that make euphoric and relaxing effects. It's a psychoactive ingredient in tobacco. There are different alternative substances that provide;the same effect such as e-cigarettes, vapes, nicopods, etc.

Why is Tobacco Harmful?

Thousands of chemicals contained in tobacco cause lung damage. The toxic mix of chemicals affects the lungs, and makes cancer. There are some vegetables that also contain nicotine. The nicotine effect is also behavioral, people will be dependent.

How to Use Noco-pods?

It's an easy-to-use Nicotine Delivery System. It is a small bag usually installed behind the upper lip. It contains a small amount of nicotine, cellulose, aroma, preservative and small amounts of water. It is flavored with fruits such as Blueberry, Orange, Pine Apple, Red Cherry, etc., or other substances such as Cola, Mints etc. After installing it behind the upper lip it takes 4-5 minutes, When it is absorbed.

Are Nicotine Pouches Tobacco Free?

Yes, It's Tobacco Free it Contains Substances such as nicotine, flavorings, sweeteners and plant-based fibers.